Best scenic drives in Italy


Italy’s highways and motorways are very famous. They are well organized and connected. It’s easy to reach small villages of country from Europe’s capital cities easily. Scenic drives are one of the well known activities in Italy.
Strada delle Dolomiti is the most popular scenic drive in Italy. It’s 110 km between Bolzano and Cortina. It’s possible to go near the beaches and snow-capped peaks in this scenic drive. Road is some empty and it’s very cheap to take a driver in Bolzano. There are 10 hills over 3,000m in this drive. You may also visit some villages and shores in this drive.

Amalfi Coast Drive is a driving leisure in a double side road. One side is looking to forests and other side is to Mediterranean. Amalfi Coast is the finishing point of drive. You can rent a car and travelling with bus in this road is very good also.

Campania by water is what Italians love while going to Capri. You may use ferry or hydrofoil. Naples and Sorrento are the main ports to visit by sea. But there are also lots of small and strange ports on the waterway.

Mount Etna drive in Sicily is not a luxurious one but adventure lovers never forget this journey. It’s a dangerous drive but tourists love it. Mount Etna has no big bang for 100 years but it’s not mean not to bang ever.
Highways and motorways are also very clean and tidy in Italy. You can use Rome- Milan, Milan – Brescia and more ways easily. They are connected to city’s airports and railway stations.

Best scenic drive


Scenic Drive

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