It’s possible to go Italy for whole year. Italy has lots of different organizations for winter season and summer season. But main travel season of Italy is april to october. This time part is called Tourist season and it’s possible to see prepeared things for Tourists.

Season may change also for what you want to see. If you like social life and hectic side of Italy, you must go there in March or April.

Italy is one of the places that every tourist destination book includes. It’s the birth place of Renaissance and modern world. Fashion and architecture’s new era also started in Italy. You don’t need to take lots of things near you when you go to Italy, but there are some special needs.

Euro is what you need to take first.

The leaning tower of Pisa or Pisa Tower as its common name is on Piazza dei Miracolide in Pisa city. Pisa tower has two buildings. The main building is built in 1063-1090. The bell tower as known the leaning tower of Pisa is built on 1173.

There are lots of contoversy who made the tower. Specialists think famous artist called Bonanno Pisano built this tower. But there are also different building made by him and they have a big sign of Pisano. But this tower has no sign who built it.

Rome has a great history. City has lots of ancient sites from different cultures. They are still standing and possible to visit. Only Rome Pass is enough for visiting them.

Rome ancient sites are for two different visitor type. One of this tourists are walkers. They only want to see sites and it’s possible to see and understand them with a guide.

Siena is the other face of Italy. It’s not Florence or some other cities. It’s overdeveloped and modern. It’s ambience and traditions are some different than Florence. Tourist guides say it’s impossible to understand Siena in one day. At least one week is need for Siena.

Sicily is a must see place in Italy. It’s an historical place but also have lots of different cultures in it. It needs some effort to come Sicily so it’s not possible to see crowded tourist groups that is making hard to see anything in cities.

Palermo is the most important city of Sicily and lots of things to see. It’s on the north coast of island. City if full of churches, palaces, museums, theatres and more. Catacombe dei Cappuccini, Gesu Church and San Giovanni degli Eremiti are must see places.

Sicily is one of the most biggest islands on World and the biggest one in Mediterranean Sea. It has a rich culture with Mediterranean soul people. It has signs from different cultures. It’s possible to see Arabian culture and Christian culture together.

Sicily beaches are the heart of economy in Sicily. So they are always clean and well kept. Beaches are chosen as cleanest water of Europe for two times. Their another feature is the historical parts close to beaches.

Safety is one of the most important things in life. In every country of world, tourists are the main target of thieves. Because they don’t know where the danger is coming and have some other aspects to look.

Rome is one of the most romantic, interesting and strange places of world. It’s a perfect holiday city. But Rome is also very dangerous because of thieves. It’s possible to hear stolen purse or bag stories from people went to Rome. Rome is not maybe dangerous as Rio de Janerio or some others but there are some tip you have to obey.

Italy is one of the most romantic countries in world. Lovers come to Italy’s seasides, hotels, steps, piazzas, lakes and more for honeymoon or for some romantic moments.

People also come to marry in Italy. Piazza San Marco and cathedral or other cities interesting churches are nice for a unforgettable wedding ceremony. Venice and its restaurants are also very romantic places for a wedding.

Rimini is a popular seaside city of Italy. It has the best beaches of Adriatic coast in country. Rimini has also lots of different hotel kinds in it. You may find 5 star hotels to 3 star hotel in city.

Hotel De Londres is the most famous hotel of Rimini. It’s in the Rimini’s central marina. Hotel’s terrace is famous with its great sea view. Also buffet breakfast is very good.

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